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5 Advantages of Invisalign - A Guide by Emergency Dentist in Mill Hill

  27 Jun 2016 Advantages of Invisalign

When teeth are misaligned or crooked they look unsightly and can make you feel self conscious, but they are also more difficult to keep clean. Teeth that cannot be cleaned and are not looked after well enough are prone to developing periodontitis the result of which will be the bone loss and gum damage and eventually loss of teeth.

Straightening teeth has always been accomplished with the use of braces but the traditional sort have been infamous for being uncomfortable and less than attractive often causing the wearer embarrassment. Now the new generation of braces offered by the Mill Hill dentist makes all that discomfort a thing of the past. Invisalign clear braces are also known as invisible braces because they are so discreet that no one need even know that you are having your teeth straightened.

Improved Appearance

Invisalign® Clear braces look so much better than the traditional metal brace that is often unsightly. On an adult this is particularly acute and can cause an awful lot of embarrassment. Traditional braces are also prone to getting food stuck in them and as these kinds of soft braces are usually worn for a long time that can lead to tooth decay developing. Invisalign® can be removed to eat and clean and for special occasions.

Improved Comfort

Once traditional metal braces are in place on the teeth they cannot be removed except by the dentist. Invisalign wearers really appreciate the fact that they can take their Invisalign braces out to eat and for a special occasion and to clean, both the aligner and their teeth. Discipline is needed however that the aligner is worn enough and the temptation to leave it off does not win out!

Improved Safety

One of the worries of wearing traditional braces is the chance of damage to the teeth and the gums. Clear braces are a lot more comfortable and their smooth surfaces mean that they will cause no irritation.

Improved Treatment Times

People having treatment with metal braces might have to undergo five or more years of treatment. For simpler cases Invisalign can take as little as one year to eighteen months to straighten the teeth.

Improved Simplicity

Invisalign is not only more convenient and more comfortable and faster working, it is also an easy concept to understand with no surprises.  Because the braces are custom made it is clear from the beginning how long the braces will need to be worn. This compares to traditional brace wearing which can be a lot more trial and error based. There is no doubt that treatment with Invisalign clear aligners is a great idea for a discreet, safe and comfortable, not to mention effective method of straightening teeth.

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