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Advice on Teeth Whitening before Dental Crown fitting by Dentist in Mill Hill

  8 Jun 2016 Advice on Teeth Whitening

There is a lot of interest in having teeth whitened these days and we are often asked about teeth whitening in Mill Hill dental and in particular if it is a good idea to have your teeth whitened before having a crown fitted. There is no doubt that having your teeth whitened can boost your confidence. We thought we would answer some of the questions we are often asked by patients who have issues like discolouration, old fillings cracks and chips in teeth that they have elected to have treated with a dental crown.

What are dental crowns?

Dental crowns replace teeth where they are chopped or stained very badly provide a new shape, alignment or appearance. Where dental implants have been inserted, then they will be used as the new teeth. To sit on top of the dental implant which is a titanium screw that is placed in the bone and allowed to merge with it. A crown or several crowns to be fitted as a bridge over implants will be especially made.

When it comes to tooth whitening it is the natural colour of the crown that poses a dilemma for a crown wearer because the crown that is fitted is likely to make their own teeth look a bit duller in comparison.

What is the Solution?

One solution that will address the problem is to whiten the other teeth so that they match the colour of the newly fitted crown or crowns and can be manufactured to the same shade. The tooth whitening will be the ‘crowning’ touch to the new bright white and flawless look of our smile.

Can teeth be whitened before crowns are fitted?

This is certainly an option although it is important that you do not go for any of the cheaper over the counter preparations that might not work as well and might produce patchy and uneven results. Ask us about our professional home whitening kits or make and appointment for in-chair whitening that will produce superb results. It will probably be best to leave it about a month before you have your crowns fitted.

There is no doubt that money spent on your teeth can pay dividends in confidence. A bright white smile that is fee from flaws will give you a new assurance that will make life great. Call us at 020 8358 7100 to discuss crown or teeth whitening.

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