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Good Habits to Take Care of Your Child’s Teeth

  10 Aug 2016 children's dentistry

If you believe your child is too young to visit a dentist, you are wrong! The teeth can be at risk before he or she has tasted the first piece of candy. Starting from brushing their first tooth to their visit to the dentist, this blog discusses about how to take care of your child's teeth. Routine checkup and regular teeth cleaning routine are essential for good dental health.

Tips to use the right toothpaste

  • Brush your child’s teeth with fluoride toothpaste since it helps prevent and control tooth decay.
  • Children of all age-group can use family toothpaste if it contains fluoride. Check the toothpaste packet or ask your dentist if you are not sure about Fluoride present in the toothpaste. Contact dentistry in Mill Hill if you are staying in London and its nearby areas.
  • Children who are below six years and do not suffer from tooth decay may use low strength toothpaste, however it should contain at least 1,000ppm fluoride.
  • See your child do not eat or lick toothpaste from the tube.

Tips for using toothbrush

  • Brush your kid's teeth for at least two minutes twice every day. This means you should brush their teeth once in the morning and once before they go to bed.
  • Encourage them to spit out extra toothpaste and do not rinse with lots of water. If they rinse after brushing teeth, then it will wash away the fluoride and make it less effective.
  • Help your child in brushing teeth until they are at least seven or eight years old. You can either brushing their teeth or see how they are doing it. Once they are seven to eight years old, they should be able to brush their own teeth. However, it is a good idea to see if they are brushing properly for nearly two minutes.

Helping your child brush their teeth

  • Take your child's hand and guide it to make them understand the correct way of brushing teeth.
  • Take a mirror to help your kid understand if the brush is cleaning their teeth properly.
  • Tooth brushing can be great fun with a timer that will show if you are brushing for about two minutes.
  • See your child does not run around by keeping toothbrush in their mouth since this way they may hurt themselves.
  • Take your child to a dentist who can teach them how to brush teeth. Get in touch with a dentist in Mill Hill to build your child’s confidence in brushing teeth.

Taking your child to the dentist

  • There are reputable dental practitioners in London who can help you and your child to get rid of dental problems. It is important to take your child to the dentist in Mill Hill to prevent tooth decay and identify oral problems at the initial stage. If your kid opens their mouth in front of the dentist is of great help to go for regular checkups in future.
  • Make your visit to the dentist’s chamber a fun-filled experience. This will stop your child from worrying about future visits.

Take your kids to the dentist for routine checkups once every 6 months. You can visit children’s friendly dentistry in North London where there are experienced dental practitioners who will take proper care of your child’s teeth and oral problems.

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