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Guide to Dental Implants from Your Dentist in Mill Hill

  2 Jun 2016 Guide to Dental Implants

You may have heard a lot about them but why are dental implants becoming so popular when compared to the other options available for missing or damaged teeth?

The main advantage of dental implants is that they offer the chance to have teeth again, and teeth that are very close indeed to having your own natural teeth.  Implants will look and feel as well as function like a natural tooth or teeth. Replacing a tooth with a titanium screw fixed into the bone stops the bone from shrinking back as it will do if there is nothing to replace the lost tooth root. A bridge will typically last for about five to seven years and sometimes even longer than that even up to 10 years but will eventually need to be replaced. Dental implants will need some adjustment from time to time but if they are cared for well they will last a lifetime, especially if they are used in a patient over 45.

Enjoy Life again

With dental implants the embarrassment and self-consciousness of having missing teeth can be banished forever and you will be able to eat those things that you thought were off the menu for good.  

Retain your smile and face shape

When teeth are missing so is the support for the structure of your face and without them and their framework the face will start to sag and sink in making you look old and sad. Maintaining the bone beneath your face is essential if you are to look young and fresh.

Keeping your teeth in your mouth!

Imagine not having to take your teeth out every night and put them in a glass by the bed. With dental implants that is what you will be able to do. There will be no more worrying about dentures being loose or falling out at an inopportune moment. You will be able to brush and floss just as you would your original natural teeth.

Free Speech

Having ill-fitting or unpredictable dentures can affect the way you speak if you are not sure when they will fall out. Once you have dental implants, then just like when you had your own teeth there will be no worries like this anymore. You will also be able to enjoy the full taste and texture of the food you most enjoy.

No Fillings!

Implant crowns will not develop cavities in the way that your natural teeth did and so there will be no more subjecting yourself to the dentist chair to have cavities filled. You will still have to go to the dentist however, for check ups and you will have to be sure that you are doing your bit with the regular cleaning of your teeth and gums.

Protecting other teeth

To have crowns fitted healthy parts of the adjacent teeth will need to be ground down to provide the site for the tooth supported bridge. So if you have an implant no other healthy teeth need be damaged.

We hope that you have been able to see the benefits of dental implant surgery in restoring your tooth or teeth. Talk to us about dental implants in Mill Hill, and make an appointment for a free consultation.

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