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Helpful Tips for Sound Dental Health

  23 Aug 2016 Helpful Tips for Sound Dental Health

Oral hygiene represents our overall health and wellbeing.  According to the dentists, every individual should try to maintain good hygiene and enhance dental health routinely. It makes you feel confident and ensures a beautiful and attractive appearance. Moreover, a healthy smile will have positive impact in your mind and improve your personality.

Tips to ensure oral hygiene:

Brush twice a day

There is no wonder that dental problems are rapidly rising in the recent days. It is important to brush your teeth at least two times in a day and avoid such problems.

  • Regular brushing prevents bacteria from building up harmful plaques.
  • Research confirms, even missing a single brushing session, may lead to formation of cavities in the teeth.

Ideally, each brushing session should last for at least 2 minutes.

Proper brushing technique

The technique of brushing is as important as daily brushing. Unless we brush properly, we leave a lot of missing areas in the mouth. The team of Mill Hill dentists, therefore, emphasizes upon brushing the teeth in proper manner.

  • Proper brushing technique includes cleaning the entire surface properly.
  • Do not brush in a hurry and skip over areas inside the mouth.
  • Brush consciously so that plaques are not left behind in the mouth.
  • Plaques result in cavities and gingivitis.
  • Do not brush too hard and damage the gums.

Using the right toothbrush

Toothbrushes come in varying thickness and strength of the bristles. Make sure you pick up the right kind of brush for your teeth.

  • Small headed brushes are a suitable option for all of us.
  • Such brushes reach every location inside the mouth easily.
  • On the other hand, brushes with softer bristles prove helpful in preventing accidental injuries to the gums.

Importance of regularly replacing your toothbrush

Almost everyone is accustomed to use a toothbrush that has worn out bristles. However, the life of a toothbrush is limited and you should replace it after every 3 months or if you suffer from any severe disease.

  • Purchase multiple toothbrushes at a time.
  • On over using a brush, its bristles get harder, this may result in injuries to the gum.
  • With a postdated toothbrush, it is actually difficult to remove the plaques from teeth properly.

Using the floss

Regular flossing along with brushing the teeth has no better alternative.

  • Regular flossing is necessary to keep our teeth free from plaques.
  • It helps in removing food particles that get stuck in between the teeth.
  • Formation of plaques along the gum line often results in gum diseases. Flossing prevents a number of gum-related problems.

Professionals involved in Mill Hill dental practice suggest cutting down of sugar content in our regular diet. In order to maintain sound oral health, it is also necessary to visit a dentist every six months and get a thorough checkup.

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