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How Teeth Cleaning Practice can Spoil Your Pearly Whites

  9 Jul 2016 Teeth Cleaning Practice can Spoil Your Pearly Whites

Do you brush your teeth immediately after breakfast, drink bottled water and open potato chips packet with your teeth? If yes, then you are committing some of the biggest deadly sins of dentistry. You might have the wrong notion that a hard bristled brush takes off plaque from your teeth or rinsing after brushing will make your mouth clean. This is where you can actually go wrong. This blog discusses about some common mistakes that you are making with your dental care.

brush teeth after meal

Brush your teeth after morning meals :–

Most people ensure that they have fresh breath before start working. However, brushing teeth immediately after the first meal of the day can harm your teeth. If you have enjoyed fruit juice during breakfast, the acid present might lose enamel and make the teeth soft. If you are residing in Mill Hill and its surrounding areas, then visit your dentist in Mill Hill and solve teeth problems.

picking wrong toothbrush

Picking the wrong toothbrush :–

If you are trying to get rid of dental disease, you may consider using hard bristles. Hard bristled brush will roughen the gum tissue around the teeth. Once it is gone, it will not grow again. As such, it is advisable that you buy soft toothbrush and change it after every three months. You should also replace your brush if you had cold or any ailment recently.

rinse after brushing

Rinse after brushing your teeth :–

After cleaning your teeth, you might consider a final rinse as it will wash away small bits of food left in the mouth after brushing your teeth. It is advisable that you do not do it. If you rinse after brushing, you are washing off the fluoride from the toothpaste left on the teeth. In order to get long lasting and beautiful smiles from our Mill Hill dentist, then book an appointment with us and know the cause of your teeth problems. The dentist will solve your dental issues and ensure that you regain the lost smile on your face.

refrain from teeth grinding

Refrain from teeth grinding :–

Grinding your teeth can wear your teeth down over time. It may lead to various oral health issues that include – headaches, jaw pain and fractures. It is usually caused due to stress and sleeping habits. It is advisable that you avoid taking hard foods during the day and lessen the pain and damage caused to your beautiful teeth. If teeth grinding occurs while sleeping, mouth guards can help cushion your teeth.

You may get in touch with a skilled dentist in North London to discuss in details about your dental problems. With his years of experience and expertise in this field, he will be able to suggest you the right treatment for your need.

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