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Chase Lodge Dental and Fastbraces.

The issue with braces has always been the amount of time that it takes to completely straighten your teeth. In past a teenager might have to endure years in braces and at that time they no doubt longed for something that would do the job faster.


Introducing Fastbraces, no longer will today's braces wearers have to endure those lengths! In fact the Fastbraces technology is about to celebrate its 25-year anniversary since the first patient was treated. There are two Fastbraces favourites, the enduring quality of the Fastbraces standard metal brace and the ceramic clear Fastbraces ,that are virtually invisible, and now the Fastbraces Turbo continues the commitment, with cutting edge technology to create faster treatment that is less painful and reduces sensitivity. The unique Fastbraces technology allows the roots of the teeth to move toward the final optimal positioning by using torque – from the very first appointment. Patients typically find the treatment more comfortable and less sensitive that other forms of braces. Additionally Fastbraces offers an easy fast and safe treatment that is affordable and will give you a lot to smile about!

The patented triangular design of the Fastbraces, the cutting edge techniques and the special heat activated wires with the new technology offered by Fastbraces has been a revolution in orthodontics allowing patients to be seen by their dentist or specialist orthodontist to have their teeth straightened using this method.

In the twenty-five years that Fastbraces has been available, thousands of patients, children and adults have benefited from the new technology that Fastbraces offers and have discovered a great new smile and the wonderful confidence that having straight and attractive teeth can bring.

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