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Get a Beautiful Smile with Porcelain Veneers in Mill Hill

Veneers are ultra-thin layers of porcelain that are custom-made to fit over teeth -- just like false nails. Our dental surgery in Mill Hill uses this simple and minimally-invasive treatment to mask a range of dental imperfections:

  • Crooked teeth
  • Misshapen teeth
  • Cracks and chips
  • Stains and discolouration
  • Decayed or damaged teeth
  • Gaps in between the teeth
  • Gummy smiles

Veneers are the perfect way of instantly rejuvenating your smile and your confidence.

The benefits of veneers

  • Beautiful results
  • Strong and long-lasting
  • Stain-resistant
  • Simple treatment
  • Hides minor imperfections
  • Reshapes prominent/uneven teeth

What does treatment involve?

Step 1: Your free cosmetic consultation

You’ll meet with one of our experienced dentists in Mill Hill for a free cosmetic consultation. You’ll be given a full dental examination and we’ll discuss how you would like to improve your smile. Your treatment will be planned, and we’ll provide you with details of the cost.

Step 2: Your veneers are custom-made

Your Mill Hill dentist will remove a very small amount of tooth enamel in order to create space for the veneers. We’ll then take impressions of your teeth in order to custom-make your veneers. They will be carefully made to fit each tooth exactly.

Step 3: Your veneers are bonded to your teeth

You’ll return to our dental clinic in Mill Hill to have your veneers bonded to your teeth with a strong adhesive. We can change the size and shade of your veneers so you’re happy with the finished look.

Step 4: Looking after your veneers

Veneers can last for at least a decade if they are well cared for. Simply brush your teeth twice daily, and floss to remove debris. It’s also important to attend regular dental check-ups to keep your veneers in good condition.

Do you want to transform you smile with veneers? Book your free cosmetic consultation at our dental practice in Mill Hill today.

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