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Personalised and friendly children’s dentistry in Mill Hill

Our state of the art dental practice in Mill Hill offers a comprehensive range of children’s dental services and treatments. With a wealth of expertise and a caring manner, we strive to make each visit to Chase Lodge Dental a memorable and relaxing one for your child.

We want to help build your child’s confidence and encourage a healthy attitude toward dental health.

Your child’s first visit will begin with a friendly introduction to our office, allowing both of you to become acquainted with your dentist in Mill Hill before any treatment is carried out. You’re welcome to accompany your child at all times during the appointment.

Preventative care to ensure lifelong dental health

Our dental clinic in Mill Hill focuses on preventative dentistry which involves regular checkups, as well as a thorough oral care routine at home.

We’ll give your child a full dental examination in order to spot any potential concerns. Our team of caring dentists in Mill Hill can also set forth preventative measures to keep your child’s teeth and gums healthy (e.g. dental sealants and fluoride treatments).

We advise parents on how to detect common dental problems in children early on, such as, bruxism (teeth grinding), thumb sucking, and baby bottle tooth decay (caused by sugary drinks). We can also educate on home care and nutrition. Both you and your child will be given time to ask questions, so you leave with a firm understanding of these important topics.

With regular checkups, careful home care, and a healthy diet, your child will know the joy of optimal dental health.

Our range of child-friendly restorative treatments includes:


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