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Clean and Polish treatment by dental hygienist in Mill Hill

Clean your teeth and brighten your smile with a clean and polish in Mill Hill. Chase Lodge Dental provides this simple yet effective treatment to give your oral health and hygiene a boost.

Why may I need a clean and polish?

Dental cleaning and polishing removes plaque (a sticky film of bacteria) and tartar (a hard yellow or brown deposit) from the surfaces of and hard to reach areas around your teeth. Plaque and tartar can build up over time and eventually lead to cavities, tooth decay, and gum disease.

At our state of the art dental clinic in Mill Hill, we provide cleaning and polishing to give the teeth a thorough clean and smooth out the surfaces. The result? Bacteria is prevented from building up on the polished enamel. After a clean and polish, you’ll find it easier to keep your mouth clean and healthy at home with your oral care routine.

What does a clean and polish involve?

Step 1: Scaling

Your dentist in Mill Hill will remove the hardest calculus on your teeth with an electric scaler. This instrument has a fine tip that vibrates at a high speed for ultimate precision. It also sprays a cooling mist of water to help scrape off tartar and wash away debris.

Step 2: Air abrasion (sandblasting)

Are your teeth badly stained? We use air abrasion to eradicate stains and brighten your smile. This technique is performed by a machine that emits aluminium oxide particles to dislodge plaque and tartar. A dental dam is used to protect any teeth that don’t require air abrasion.

Step 3: Hand tools

Our skilled dentists in Mill Hill also use a variety of hand tools (called scalers and curettes) to reach those more hidden places around the teeth. The tools come in different shapes to suit your teeth, making it easier to remove smaller tartar deposits and smooth out the surfaces.

Step 4: Polishing

Your treatment is completed with a polish. A spinning rubber cup is filled with a gritty paste (called prophylaxis) and held up to your teeth. The cup spins against the teeth and polishes them until they’re smooth and shiny. Your teeth will look and feel a lot cleaner.

Step 5: Fluoride finish

Our dental practice in Mill Hill can also strengthen your teeth by applying a fluoride coating. It’s designed to restore the enamel with essential minerals.

Does it hurt?

Cleaning and polishing is a generally painless treatment. You may feel a tickling or scraping sensation at the most. However, it can be moderately painful if you have infected gums, worn enamel, or exposed tooth roots. Your private dentist in Mill Hill can use local anaesthetic to numb the area, making the treatment as comfortable as possible for you.

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