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Dental Implants for missing teeth in Mill Hill

Replace missing, damaged, or unhealthy teeth with dental implants in Mill Hill. Dental implants are small titanium screws that are drilled into the jawbone. Over time they fuse with the bone, allowing them to confidently support replacement teeth. Our dental surgery, Chase Lodge Dental, uses quality implants to solve a number of dental problems:

  • Missing teeth
  • Loose teeth
  • Failed crowns
  • Cracked or fractured teeth
  • Decayed or damaged teeth

What are the benefits of dental implants?

  • Looks and feels just like natural teeth

Dental implants follow the natural curve of your jaw to restore your smile while looking completely natural.

  • No cavities

Although they require regular cleaning, implants from our dental clinic in Mill Hill won’t decay or develop cavities.

  • Rejuvenates your appearance

Missing teeth can cause the face to sag, giving an aged or withered appearance. Dental implants prevent bone loss and inject youth and vitality back into the face.

  • Simple aftercare

Caring for your implants couldn’t be easier. Brush and floss your teeth each day as usual, and visit our dental practice in Mill Hill for regular checkups.

  • Improves quality of life

You won’t have to put up with loose and uncomfortable dentures anymore! You can enjoy life while feeling confident in your smile.

  • Allows you to speak easily

Implants are stable and fixed firmly in place, so your pronunciation will be crystal clear. 

  • Stops your teeth from drifting

Without a full set of teeth, some of them may shift into the empty gum space. Dental implants prevent this from happening to keep your mouth healthy.

What does treatment involve?

You’ll have an initial consultation with one of our skilled and experienced dentists in Mill Hill. A full dental examination will be given, and X-rays and 3D scans will be taken of your teeth. Your dentist can then determine the best treatment plan for you.

The fitting of your implants will be performed under a local anaesthetic. Your private dentist in Mill Hill may also be given a sedative to relax you. The duration of the surgery will depend on the complexity of your case, and the number of implants fitted.

In most cases, a period of three to six months is required for the mouth to heal. You may be fitted with a temporary crown, bridge, or denture during this time.

As soon as your mouth has healed, your artificial tooth/teeth will be placed on top of the implant. The restoration will be either permanent or removable. Your caring dentist in Mill Hill will make sure your implants are just the right size, shape, and colour for you.

Are you interested in restoring your smile with dental implants? Book your consultation at Chase Lodge Dental today!

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