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Safe dental sedation in Mill Hill

Chase Lodge Dental provides safe dental sedation in Mill Hill to put anxious patients at ease during treatment. Our friendly, caring team understands that dental treatment can be a stressful, nerve-wracking time for some patients. We’ll therefore do everything we can to make you feel welcomed, comfortable, and confident in your treatment with the help of intravenous (IV) sedation.

How does it work?

IV sedation is administered in the arm or back of the hand by injection at our dental clinic in Mill Hill. Your required dose will vary depending on the dental treatment being performed. Longer treatments naturally require stronger doses.

What will I feel?

Your injection will make you feel drowsy. It’ll completely relax your jaw, tongue and facial muscles -- you won’t even be aware of your treatment being performed. This allows your skilled dentist in Mill Hill to work confidently without interruption, and provide you with high-quality treatment.

When will it wear off?

Your dentist will inform you of how long the sedation will take to wear off before your treatment begins. You won’t be able to drive, work machinery, or drink alcohol after your treatment. It’s best to have a friend or relative accompany you home from our dental surgery in Mill Hill. Many patients find they don’t remember much of their appointment the following day.

I don’t like injections. Is there an alternative?

We also offer ‘relative analgesia’: a mix of nitrous oxide and oxygen that’s inhaled. This sedative will help you relax. You’ll be conscious during your treatment, yet feel comfortably drowsy.

Relative analgesia is a safe option without any side effects. You’ll be able to drive about fifteen to twenty minutes after your appointment at our dental practice in Mill Hill.

Which method is right for me?

One of our experienced dentists in Mill Hill can determine your suitability for dental sedation, as well as discuss the best method for you. Just be sure to let us know about any medication you’re currently taking.

How much does it cost?

Your private dentist in Mill Hill will discuss the cost of your treatment and sedation with you at your initial consultation.

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