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Emergency Dentist in Mill Hill? We’re here to help

When emergency strikes, don’t panic: call Chase Lodge Dental instead. We provide modern emergency care with expert calm at our comfortable dental clinic in Mill Hill. We’ll happily book you in for urgent treatment when you need it, and give you professional advice regarding pain management.

The signs of a dental emergency:

  • You’ve had a knock to the face or mouth
  • Your teeth are chipped or loose
  • You’re in pain, bleeding, and have swollen cheeks/gums

If you’re suffering from a dental emergency, please get in touch with your reliable emergency dentist in Mill Hill right away. We understand dental emergencies can be very distressing -- we’ll do all we can to alleviate your pain, put you at ease, and restore your dental health in a timely manner. 

How to handle common dental emergencies:

  • Loose tooth

Schedule an emergency appointment at our dental surgery in Mill Hill. Hold a cold compress to your cheek to ease pain and swelling. Pain medication can also be taken if necessary. You can also try guiding the tooth back into the socket and biting down to hold it in place.

  • Toothache

Book an emergency appointment with one of our skilled emergency dentist in Mill Hill. Rinse your mouth out with warm water to wash away debris. If there’s any swelling, hold a cold compress to your cheek. Gel painkillers will burn the area -- do not use them.

  • Chipped or broken tooth

Call your emergency dentist at Chase Lodge Dental. Rinse your mouth with warm water to remove debris, and use a cold compress to relieve pain. You may benefit from taking anti-inflammatory medication, but do not use aspirin or gel painkillers.

  • Knocked-out tooth

Saving your knocked-out tooth requires urgent action:

  • Hold the tooth at the bottom and rinse it with water to remove debris
  • Do not touch the root and leave tissue fragments in tact
  • Either put the tooth back in its socket, or place it in a cup of salt water
  • Book an emergency dentist appointment and bring your tooth

If you have a dental emergency, please give our dental practice in Mill Hill a call on 020 8358 7100. We’ll treat you with priority and compassion, and book you into one of our emergency slots.

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